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About Email a Shemale and Amber Lynn

Learn about Amber Lynn, the founder of Email a Shemale and many other popular Trans sites. I’m your shemale dating coach and I’m here to help you meet local Shemales and Transsexuals for sex!  If you ever asked yourself:

About Amber Lynn

  • “How do I meet Local Shemales?”
  • “How can I persuade a Shemale or TGirl to talk to me?”
  • “Where Online can I meet Local Shemales?”
  • “How do I meet TGirls in my city to email”
  • “What’s the first step in meeting a Shemale?”

Or have you just given up completely on trying to meet a Local Shemale (whether it’s to make new friends or hookup with a shemale, we can help)…

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

Here’s How Email a Shemale Can Help You Meet Local Shemales.

I’ve created several popular TGirl Dating Websites and have Helped over 10,000 Men and TGirls meet.

World Famous TGirl Dating Coach

In this site you will learn how to meet local Shemales and TGirls from the very first step. In these pages you will find extensive help with finding your perfect local Shemale. I really hope that these resources, advice, videos and articles can help you in your journey. Please feel free to contact me, message me or comment anything you’d like to share. I would love to hear your questions, concerns or just comments. Thank you so much!

Top 5 Tips to Help You Score a Shemale

Here a quick 5 step plan that I have created to help men and Shemales meet each other Locally!

Step 1: Locate Shemales in Your City

Obviously it’s impossible to meet Shemales if none live in your city. Well the only problem is 90% of men don’t believe that any Shemales live in their city. Here is just a small example of some of the TGirls and Shemales who live in your area. If you see any profiles, that means there are Shemales in you area! Click a profile and search through all the Shemale and Transsexual dating profiles in your area.


Step 2: Know What Type of Trans Girl You Want to Meet

Before you set out in search of your dream Shemale or T;Girl there are a few things that you need to decide. One of the most important is to have a realistic view of what you are looking for. Easier said than done, in some cases, because
even men looking for a girl in a regular night club might not have a clue what kind of girl they are interested in. Some times it’s just a case of simple chemistry! You like Shemales, that’s why this local message app is one of the most effective ways that men can hookup with Shemales. You can chat online with TGirls you find hot or interesting. Once you both feel comfortable with each other, it starts to turn more interesting.

Step 3: How to Ask a Shemale or TGirl Out

So, you want a date a Shemale, huh? Well, I am a TGirl and I have been with Shemales. I have to tell you, if you fantasize about being with a Shemale, nothing is better than fulfilling that fantasy.That’s all great but how you ask can make a huge impact on how a Shemale or TGirl will respond. If you have been chatting for a while and you like each other, you will be receiving some subliminal signals anyway. which I hope you will pick up on. Asking a Shemale for a date can be as easy as you make it. Don’t fumble your words. Think about where you might like to take a Shemale on this date and plan it in your mind before you ask. Try something like this “I am really enjoying spending this time with you and would love having a drink (or dinner) with me?”

 Step 4: Knowing What a Shemale Wants in a Man

So far I’ve given you the who, what, where and how of finding and meeting Shemales.Before you go out and actually start putting any of this into practice there are a few more things you need to know. We’ve talked about knowing what you want, but have you thought about what she might want?

Every Shemale, like any woman, is completely unique and has her own style what turns her off and on sexually. There are however, some things that practically every woman likes to see in a man; especially one who is approaching her with any kind of romantic intent.

Personal hygiene – is a big factor in terms of attraction. You like a woman who takes care of herself don’t you? It works both ways. Think about it; you are sitting next to a woman on the subway or standing next to her in a store queue and all you can smell is body odor. Are you going to be attracted to this woman? I think not! Personal cleanliness is vital in everyday relationships as well as dating. When you are getting ready to go out, whether for a date or just out socializing, make sure you take special care of your personal hygiene – (I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Just make sure you go that extra mile when you are)
Confidence – in a man is a very big turn on no matter what your gender, preference or inclination. A man who gives off a vibe of being sure of himself, without seeming arrogant, draws people to him. This doesn’t mean you have to brag and toot your own horn to make sure people know just how wonderful you are. This will actually give the exact opposite impression.
Be Positive – Everybody hates a Debbie downer or a nay Sayer. You have to be willing to go with the flow so to speak. Feel her out, have fun and make sure you both are intriguing each other the entire time. It’s more fun to go with the flow and not look down at her or treat the situation like you could have better things to do. Have fun and you will be ensured success.

 Step 5: Meet Shemale in Person. (Hopefully Hookup)

After you have made friends with a Shemale and feel comfortable asking her out. Make sure you choose a fun safe place to meet up at first. It will help you in your journey to hooking up with Shemales. Make sure you treat her with respect and have fun. Then hookup with the Shemale. If you want to hookup with multiple Shemales, make sure you repeat this process. Nothing wrong with playing the field and dating a couple Shemales.



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